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Seminars regarding the EB-5 program of the US government were given in São Paulo(AMCHAM), in Campinas , in Ribeirão Preto  and Goiânia.  This is a program for getting an investor residence visa (permanent green card) through an investment which has been reduced to US $500,000. Events were held in partnership with AMCHAM-American Chamber of Commerce.

These were the first events held in order to disseminate information about the program for Brazilian businessmen who wish to live with their families (wife and children under 21 years old) legally and permanently in the United States.

Many investors are opting for the program because of the alarming levels of violence we are experiencing in Brazil caused by obsolete public policies at all levels of government.  It is a monument to the neglect of our public officials.  The lack of a minimum public security structure creates a society where citizens live in fear.

This undoubtedly is the main reason that has caused investors to shift their homes along with their families to the United States.

In addition to violence, we are still reporting other reasons which certainly contribute greatly to this decision to move to the United States, namely:

– Improved quality of life;

– The possibility of educating children in American schools. The United States has the best public schools and   the most well-respected universities in the world;

– Having access to top quality consumer goods at a relatively cheap price;

– Having access to financing consumer goods and real estate at a lower cost compared to other countries;

– Power to manage and run their businesses in Brazil or other countries without affecting their status as legal and permanent residentsin the US;

– No need to be bound by the administration and management of the indirect investment in the EB-5 program. The investor is free to do whatever he wants;

– The possibility to live anywhere in the United States (indirect investment in EB-5 program);

– Ease of obtaining a visa compared to other types;

-The possibility of receiving the contributed investment back in a period of five to seven years  (needs advice of an attorney or business advisor);

– No need to be fluent in English;

For further information about the program contact me or forward your mail.

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